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Advanced automation keeps trading platform stable, agile, and efficient

  • 75% Drop in deployment time

    75% drop

    in deployment time

  • 50% less staffing for releases

    50% less

    staffing for releases

  • 60% Faster DR switchover time

    60% faster

    DR switchover time

Business Challenge

Handling more than one million prices per second, the backend systems of CMC Markets enable spread betting, contract for difference (CFD), and foreign exchange trades for over 80,000 active customers. When CMC launched its newest trading platform, IT needed best-in-class automation to manage the platform’s 80+ applications, and keep them running reliably for customer trades in 3,000 different markets.

BMC Solution

BladeLogic Server Automation enabled CMC to roll out the new platform quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Additionally, the solution supports ongoing management of applications as well as monitoring of application status across development, user acceptance testing (UAT), performance testing, production, disaster recovery (DR), and pre-production environments.

Business Impact

BladeLogic delivers automated deployment and management of the NextGen trading platform, enabling CMC Markets to streamline processes, reduce costs, and adopt a more agile development methodology.

  • Staffing requirements for deployment of a typical release dropped 50% and deployment time dropped 75%.
  • Overtime costs associated with application deployments and updates dropped by a significant margin.
  • A 60% reduction in disaster recovery switchover times helped the staff better align disaster recovery (DR) processes with legal mandates.
  • Automation eliminates downtime, enabling the company to meet the 24x7 availability needs of its clients.
  • BladeLogic provides a foundation for standardizing how applications are deployed, run, configured, and structured on all servers.

“BladeLogic has been central to the rollout of our new trading platform, not only reducing the need for manual intervention but also enabling us to automate both deployment and management processes.”

— Mike Brennan, Automation Engineer, CMC Markets

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