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Middleware management keeps shelves stocked and members satisfied

  • 75% Faster middleware performance

    75% faster

    middleware performance

  • 6-Month return on investment


    return on investment

  • Empowered business users


    business users

Business Challenge

The Coop Cooperative retail organization encompasses more than 800 locations, 75,000 employees, and three million members throughout Switzerland. Coop’s reputation for reliability and excellence is backed by tightly integrated systems for inventory management, financials, warehousing, and distribution. A new middleware environment promised even more efficient data exchange to support critical business functions, such as customer checkout in the stores and updates to the sales-based ordering application for up-to-date inventory. But first, IT had to simplify its middleware administration for better transaction insights.

BMC Solution

Coop chose BMC Middleware Administration to manage the IBM WebSphere MQ and Message Broker environment that handles the mission-critical data exchanged between Coop stores and its central IT department. The company made the selection based on its positive experience with past BMC solutions.

Business Impact

BMC Middleware Administration provides an easy-to-use, web-based solution that streamlines and simplifies MQ administration to support Coop’s expansive retail operations.

  • The simple-to-use solution empowers non-technical users with self-service to perform many tasks on their own instead relying on the MQ administrator.
  • The ability to grant users access to select MQ objects helps IT ensure security compliance.
  • MQ administrators have greater visibility into the health of the middleware environment for faster, more proactive problem identification and resolution.
  • Data and messages move reliably and efficiently across the POS system and SAP modules such as financials, retail, human resources, and customer relationship management, helping Coop’s business run at its best.

“Moving data efficiently and reliably among our POS, ordering, and other systems is critical. We can’t afford to have a disruption in this area because of the risk of running out of certain items in certain stores. BMC Middleware Administration gives us the visibility to prevent those kinds of problems.”

— Edwin Edinger, Business Data Processing Specialist, Coop

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