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Acclaimed institute optimizes vast and complex IT infrastructure

  • 80 services mapped straategically

    80 services

    mapped strategically

  • 300 Servers migrated seamlessly

    300 servers

    migrated seamlessly

  • Enhanced security and stability


    security and stability

Business Challenge

Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) combines a top Dutch university with specialized research institutes focused on sustainability. To meet its demand for performance and 24x7 availability, its IT group needed to optimize a vast and complex infrastructure encompassing approximately 750 servers, 700 terabytes of data, 26,000 email inboxes receiving 500,000 emails daily, and more than 7,000 mobile devices. The first step was to gain up-to-date visibility into its infrastructure components.

BMC Solution

WUR uses BMC Discovery (ADDM) to capture data on IT infrastructure components and create a service map that depicts those components as parts of a business service, including their interrelationships. A key consideration in the choice was the solution’s ability to map both commercial and in-house developed applications.

Business Impact

The visibility provided by the BMC solution helps WUR’s IT staff speed problem identification and resolution, prioritize support based on business impact, and perform infrastructure changes without disrupting users.

  • Automated service mapping for commercial and in-house applications—80 services in all—helps IT staff assess change and prioritize incident response.
  • Clear insight into server configurations and relationships made it possible to complete a data center move involving 300 servers in two days without user disruption.
  • Rapid identification and remediation of non-approved configurations aids standardization to ensure a more secure and stable environment.

“With BMC Discovery...we have clear visibility into the services we deliver, the relationships of the services to the IT infrastructure, and the business impact of the services.”

— Wilfred Hoefakker, IT Service Manager for Education, WUR

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