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BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping 10.1: Administering

This course provides information on the key concepts and core functionality of BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) version 10.1.

The course covers new features (including Storage Discovery) and improvements made to BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping.

Participants will receive all important information on architecture, functionalities, utilities, configurations, and troubleshooting tips for optimal deployment

Major release:

Discovery (ADDM) 10.x

Good for:

Configuration Managers, Project Managers, Storage Managers

Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led | 40.00 hours

Course Modules

  • BMC Atrium Discovery Overview
    • BMC Atrium Discovery Concepts
    • UI Overview
  • UI Analysis
    • Searching the Datastore
    • UI Filtering and Charting
    • Contextual Analysis
  • Dashboards Overview
    • Dashboard Basics
    • Channels Overview
    • Adding Channels
    • Working with Dashboards
    • Dashboards in the CLI
  • User Administration and System Security
    • User Management
    • LDAP Integration
    • Security Policy
    • General Security Concepts at the CLI
  • Taxonomy and Data Model
    • Taxonomy Basics
    • Understanding the Data Model
    • Viewing the Taxonomy
  • Scanning Basics
    • Basic Discovery Essentials
    • Discovery Results
  • Discovery Credentials
    • The Credential Vault
    • BMC Atrium Discovery Credentials
    • Windows Credentials
    • UNIX Credentials
    • Credential Ordering
    • Testing Credentials
  • Storage Discovery
    • Introduction to Storage
    • Storage Discovery
    • Viewing Storage Discovery Results
  • Discovery Scripts
    • Platforms
    • UNIX Discovery Scripts
    • Windows Discovery Scripts
    • VMware ESX Discovery Scripts
    • Discovery Overview
  • Discovery Overview
    • Basic Philosophy
    • First Scan Details
    • Second Scan Details
    • Optimization Details
    • Bringing It All Together
  • Patterns Overview
    • Pattern Basics
    • Data Models and Pattern Configuration
  • Discovery Monitoring
    • Monitoring per Run
    • Monitoring per Credential or per Windows Proxy
    • Monitoring by Current State
  • Discovery Troubleshooting
    • Understanding the Discovery Access Page
    • Mapping Discovery Access Page to Platform Pages
    • Scripts
    • Discovery Troubleshooting Reports
  • Query Builder
    • Query Builder Basics
    • Query Builder Layout
    • Building a Query
    • Custom Reports
  • Query Language Overview
    • Formulating Queries
    • SEARCH and WHERE Clauses
    • Matches in Regular Expressions
    • SHOW Clause
    • Advanced Query Language