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Control-M/Enterprise Manager 7.0: Scheduling

This course is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for using Control-M products to monitor and manage a production environment, whose responsibilities include creating job definitions.

The course covers product usage of Control-M/EM and Control-M/Desktop. Control-M/EM is a monitoring and management tool for the enterprise batch-scheduling environment. It allows users to manage job processing across all platforms supported by Control-M/Servers and Control-M/Agents. Much of the course covers the creation of job processing definitions using the companion product Control-M/Desktop. Hands-on labs allow participants to apply the procedures and concepts presented in the class.

Included in this course is an optional examination for BMC Certified Scheduler: Control-M/Enterprise Manager 7.0.

Major release:

Control-M 7.x

Good for:

Administrators, Operators, Schedulers

Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led | 40.00 hours

Course Modules

  • Lessons
    • Control-M Solution Overview
    • Control-M/Desktop Features
    • Filters and Mass Job Update
    • Job Flow Control
    • Templates and Mass Job Creation
    • Job Scheduling
    • Defining Smart Tables
    • Steps Panel and Results Analysis
    • Shouts
    • AutoEdit Variables
    • Global Conditions
    • Control-M/EM Reporting Facility
    • BMC Batch Impact Manager and Control-M/Forecast