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FootPrints service desk 12.x Certification

Practical Exam

Companies implementing FootPrints service desk realize full value only when their solution is effectively implemented. To ensure implementations are performed to best practice standards, BMC Software maintains a technical certification program.

The BMC Certified Professional for FootPrints service desk 12.x exam will validate the technical competencies and implementation methods needed to successfully implement out-of-the-box baseline functionality for FootPrints service desk 12.x.

Steps to Certification

Step 1. Register and pay for the FootPrints service desk 12.x: Administering course.

Step 2. Register for and pass the end-of-course exam, BMC Accredited Administrator: FootPrints service desk 12.x Exam. You will receive access to the online exam after attending the Administering course.

Note: Participants will have access to the online exam for a period of 24 days after completing the Administering course and will have two opportunities to pass. Participants who do not pass the end-of-course online exam after the second attempt may register and pay to regain access to the online examination.

Step 3. After passing the end-of-course exam, study and prepare for the BMC Certified Professional:  FootPrints service desk 12.x Professional Certification Exam. Allow a minimum of six weeks to study and prepare for this exam.

Step 4. Register and pay for the BMC Certified Professional: FootPrints service desk 12.x Professional Certification Exam.

Examination Details

  • Exam duration is 2 days
  • Exam will be offered in a BMC Education Services training facility
  • Classroom environment with individual servers
  • Proctored by BMC Education Services
  • Participants must bring a laptop