IDC Study: The Business Value of BMC Discovery Software

IDC Report

Gain complete, real-time data center visibility

Does your organization lack the ability to manage and assess assets to rationalize the IT environment? Can you effectively determine server footprint and enterprise application use to make informed decisions?

Download this IDC Study and learn how organizations are realizing strong value with BMC Discovery. IDC projects that BMC Discovery customers will earn an average five-year return on investment (ROI) of 470% by:

  • Benefiting from IT staff time savings and efficiencies enabled by visibility, improved understanding of datacenter assets and dependencies, automation, and faster resolution of problems
  • Making software and other auditing efforts more efficient and cost effective and reducing the costs of failed software audits
  • Improving datacenter security
  • Reducing datacenter costs by identifying underused and unused hardware and software and enabling informed decisions about optimizing datacenter costs

*IDC White Paper, sponsored by BMC, Business Value of BMC Discovery Software, January 2016

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