Get firsthand experience with the power of automated workflow creation

Get Hands-On with Control-M Workload Change Manager

Join us for this free 30-minute webinar to learn how you can try out Control-M Workload Change Manager.

  • Build job flows in minutes
  • Submit clear requests without the need for technical expertise
  • Get jobs into production quickly and efficiently

This session is the third in a three-part BMC Software webinar series, “Simplify Workload Creation to Get Applications Faster,” designed to help you deliver applications more quickly, at a lower cost. Register today for “Get Hands-On with Control-M Workload Change Manager” to discover how much simpler and more effective your workload change processes can be. You can also access the first two sessions in the series on-demand for a complete introduction to this powerful new solution for workload creation. Let BMC show you the way.


Tom Geva
Senior Technical Marketing Consultant
BMC Software


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