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Atrium Service Level Management

Atrium Service Level Management

Set targets, track progress, and deliver better service

Atrium Service Level Management 8 gives you the tools you need to define, track, and report service levels. This capability is critical to understanding how your IT organization is performing against the expectations of the business. Real-time insight helps you identify risks, prioritize resources, and deliver the quality of service the business demands.

  • Service insight – Monitor targets, performance, and compliance with dashboards for the business and IT.
  • Service improvement – Use trend data to proactively identify issues, prioritize based on business urgency, and track against continuous service improvement plans.
  • Service excellence – By automating the collection, analysis, and presentation of service level information, you can free your staff to concentrate on delivering excellent service.

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Service level management—from service design to retirement

Rapid deployment

Implement on premise or on demand with out-of-the-box templates.

Proactive management

Automatically escalate to the appropriate persons or invoke processes when service commitments are at risk.

Visible value

Customer-focused dashboards ensure that your business users always know the status of their service levels.

Gold, silver, and bronze levels

Apply your service levels to items in the service catalog so your customers can choose the level of service they require.

Compliance management

Track your service levels against compliance data to automatically calculate monetary impact and compliance penalties and rewards.

Continual service improvement

Trend data helps you to identify areas for process and operational improvements.

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  • Eliminate time-consuming data gathering processes.
  • Allocate resources more efficiently to avoid service penalties.
  • Reduce time spent on resolving common incidents.

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Remedy Service Management Suite is an enterprise service management platform built natively for mobile with an intuitive, people-centric user experience that makes your whole organization more productive.

Remedy Service Optimization

The Remedy Service Optimization license enables you to effectively manage change, track assets across the enterprise, and implement sophisticated service levels for better performance.

Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

BMC Atrium CMDB provides a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of the people, processes, and technologies that make up your business and IT environments.

Discovery (ADDM)

BMC Discovery (formerly ADDM) automatically discovers data center inventory, configuration, and relationship data, and maps business applications to the IT infrastructure.