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Fast Path Utilities for IMS

Fast Path Utilities for IMS

Optimize your Fast Path management

Although Fast Path databases offer plenty of advantages, they also present unique maintenance challenges that can be costly and cumbersome. BMC Fast Path Utilities for IMS will help you conquer those maintenance challenges and manage your Fast Path environment effectively and efficiently. With this solution you can:

  • Enable automatic restart and recovery processes to dramatically reduce delays and outages.
  • Enhance application processing by using secondary indexes.
  • Assign free space in your independent overflow (IOVF) areas to avoid outages.

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Simplify and automate maintenance tasks

In Fast Path environments, downtime is the enemy. The products in the Fast Path Utilities solution keep this enemy at bay with tools to boost the speed—and reduce the impact—of restarts, recoveries, and space management.

Risk-free restarts

Automate your restart process to protect the integrity of your DEDBs after a system failure.

Secondary indexing

Create Fast Path secondary indexes to provide alternate processing sequences for your applications.

Fast, thorough DEDB recovery

Streamline DEDB recoveries with a tool that prepares, executes, and reports back on every recovery you perform.

Automatic space allocation

Instantly extend space when and where you need it to avoid unplanned outages.

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Products included in this solution

The BMC Fast Path Utilities for IMS is made up of the following products, all of which have been designed to make managing your Fast Path databases faster and easier.

  • Fast Path Indexer/EP

    BMC Fast Path Indexer/EP lets you build and maintain secondary indexes that are associated with DEDBs. When IMS updates the database, Fast Path Indexer/EP updates the associated secondary indexes. The product can also ensure that the database and its indexes remain synchronized if an IMS failure or database recovery occurs. Additional features allow you to include as many as 500 partitions in an index, each up to 4 GB. You can also process an index that was created with Fast Path Indexer/EP as a standalone database for retrievals. This processing method lets you retrieve information while improving system performance.

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  • Fast Path Analyzer/EP

    Gain valuable insight into your DEDBs with BMC Fast Path Analyzer/EP, a utility that allows you to view and analyze statistics on your databases with minimal downtime. Examine, verify, and view reports on pointer data, including segment pointers, root addressable pointers (RAPs), and SDEP pointers. Current and historical reports can help you monitor and manage performance characteristics, space usage, and physical attributes of DEDBs. You can also use the tool to model the effect of potential DEDB changes before performing them. Auxiliary features also allow VSAM zap/dumps, reporting on SDEP space usage, and invocation of DEDB randomizing routines.

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  • Fast Path Restart Control Facility

    Ensure the integrity of IMS databases and critical system data sets during the restart of an IMS control region with the BMC Fast Path Restart Control Facility. This utility minimizes downtime after an IMS system failure, as well as eliminating potential errors by reducing the number and complexity of decisions required during IMS restarts. It automatically determines IMS system resource and database status and dynamically allocates required data sets. Use this utility with the Fast Path Recovery Utility to automatically recover DEDBs and schedule batch backouts for full function databases during /ERE or cold restarts.

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  • Fast Path Recovery Utility

    The BMC Fast Path Recovery Utility provides a rapid method for recovering all DEDBs with complete integrity prior to an IMS cold start. This effectively reduces the downtime required from hours to only a few minutes. Fast Path Recovery Utility automatically selects and acquires all information and resources needed for successful recovery, performs the recovery functions, and produces a set of comprehensive audit trail reports. In addition, it also provides an override capability so you can specify the checkpoint IDs and the log data sets to be used for the recovery process.

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