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High Speed Utilities for DB2®

High Speed Utilities for DB2

Changing the game in data management

Make interacting with your DB2 database faster, easier, and cheaper with BMC High Speed Utilities for DB2 11 with Next Generation Technology (NGT). The advanced technology in the products included in this solution provide more control, deliver adaptive automation, and consume significantly fewer resources than their DB2 counterparts. Use these tools to:

  • Drastically reduce the time and cost of your day-to-day database housekeeping operations.
  • Eliminate application outages.
  • Collect and analyze a wealth of performance statistics—invaluable for making informed maintenance decisions.

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Next-generation data management tools

Working in concert across your DB2 environment, High Speed Utilities for DB2 with Next Generation Technology handle a wide range of data management tasks more efficiently without taxing DB2 resources. In addition, the utilities offer full availability, even while performing maintenance reorganization.

Interact without disruption

Applications maintain full read/write access to your data during copy, load, unload and reorg with zero downtime.

Give your processors a break

The utilities drastically reduce resource consumption by using advanced algorithms, managing their own buffering, performing I/O operations at the lowest level possible, and processing thousands of objects in a single statement.

Stay organized

With fast, fully online no-sort reorganization processes you can afford to keep data optimized at all times.

Choose your recovery method

Go beyond the standard recovery methods with options not only for restoring to a point-in-time copy but for rolling back changes or migrating data seamlessly to a brand new table space or subsystem.

Protect your data integrity

Find and eliminate inconsistencies that threaten your data integrity with online structural and referential integrity checks.

Automate data management processes

Mold the utilities to your business needs to simplify complex data management processes with adaptive automation.

영업 담당자 문의 ›

“BMC’s acquisition of CDB’s utility solutions is good news for mainframe customers, who can expect significant benefits to flow from a string of the newly integrated mainframe products and technologies.”

— Rich Ptak, Managing Partner, Ptak Associates

Say goodbye to downtime

  • Keep your databases up and available throughout backup, recovery, and reorg tasks.
  • Collect exhaustive performance data so you can address issues before they cause problems.
  • Give your staff the solutions they need to keep things running smoothly.

Products included in this solution

The High Speed Utilities for DB2 solution is made up of the following products, all of which are designed to help you perform common database tasks faster and with fewer resources than the native DB2 utilities.

  • NGT Check for DB2®

    Ensure the consistency of your DB2 data using the range of integrity checking features offered by BMC Next Generation Technology Check for DB2. Ranging from structural checks for your table spaces and indexes to detailed referential integrity checks on column data, NGT Check for DB2 provides a faster, more powerful alternative to the native DB2 utilities. With BMC, running integrity checks won’t interfere with database availability.

    이 제품은 다음 형식의 일부로 제공됩니다. High Speed Utilities for DB2®, Recovery for DB2®

  • NGT Copy for DB2® (formerly Copy Plus)

    Simplify and speed your backup jobs with BMC NGT Copy for DB2, a replacement for the native DB2 copy utility. With options for compression and encryption, as well as the ability to write copies simultaneously to tape and DASD, NGT Copy for DB2 makes the backup process faster and more dependable. NGT Copy for DB2 will copy related data sets automatically and can quiesce groups of related table spaces to support application recovery, if needed. The utility also automatically updates DB2 catalog information, without the need to execute RUNSTATS separately.

    이 제품은 다음 형식의 일부로 제공됩니다. Object Administration for DB2®, High Speed Utilities for DB2®, Recovery for DB2®

  • NGT Load for DB2®

    Load data faster than the native DB2 utility, while maintaining higher availability, with BMC Next Generation Technology Load for DB2. By analyzing the available CPU and memory, NGT Load uses massive parallelism to perform a truly high performance load of any size object. Additionally, with NGT Load's safe Load Resume architecture you can back out an unsuccessful Load instantly without recovery; or using parallel insert processing NGT Load can keep read/write access to your table space during load processing. NGT Load can also update catalog information as you go, so you can skip RUNSTATS.

    이 제품은 다음 형식의 일부로 제공됩니다. Object Administration for DB2®, High Speed Utilities for DB2®

  • NGT Unload

    BMC Next Generation Technology Unload for DB2 offers a high-speed, online alternative to the native DB2 unload utility. NGT Unload produces consistent point in time unloads without ever taking the objects out of RW. With its extensive native SQL support, NGT Unload performs high speed unloads directly from the VSAM datasets without the overhead of passing that SQL to DB2. Make multiple unloads, even with different formats, with one pass of a table space.

    이 제품은 다음 형식의 일부로 제공됩니다. Object Administration for DB2®, High Speed Utilities for DB2®

  • NGT Recover for DB2® (formerly Recover Plus)

    Take advantage of three options for high-speed recovery with BMC NGT Recover for DB2. With advanced recovery features, NGT Recover for DB2 lets you choose the right approach for the job. With the backout recovery option, you can start from the current state of your database and back out erroneous updates until you reach your desired point. Alternatively, you can use the forward recovery function to restore an earlier point-in-time copy and apply updates from there. Finally, you have the option to use image copies and log records to recover over into a new table space and translate the object IDs. In addition, unlike traditional recovery methods, NGT Recover for DB2 allows you to recover dropped objects automatically.

    이 제품은 다음 형식의 일부로 제공됩니다. High Speed Utilities for DB2®, Recovery for DB2®

  • NGT Reorg for DB2®

    BMC Next Generation Technology Reorg for DB2 efficiently reorganizes DB2 data using a fraction of the resources required by all other Reorg processes. Through flexible built-in automation and patented advanced processing techniques, BMC NGT Reorg streamlines the Reorg process for tens of thousands of objects, eliminating the SORT, and providing full data availability to applications, while reducing overall CPU usage and Elapsed time no matter how much data is managed.

    이 제품은 다음 형식의 일부로 제공됩니다. High Speed Utilities for DB2®, Performance for DB2® Databases

  • NGT Stats

    BMC Next Generation Technology Stats efficiently gathers DB2 statistics using a fraction of the resources required by all other Runstats products to give you an exceptionally clear view of your database structures. With powerful options for when and how statistics are gathered, DB2 environments gain productivity while reducing the overall cost of Runstats processing. BMC NGT Stats can tell you exactly how well your databases are performing.

    이 제품은 다음 형식의 일부로 제공됩니다. High Speed Utilities for DB2®, Performance for DB2® Databases