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MAXM Database Advisor for IMS

MAXM Database Advisor for IMS

Make it easy to manage IMS database maintenance

Proactively manage your IMS database maintenance using an intuitive graphical interface that shows you which databases are approaching performance, space, or recovery thresholds so you can prevent problems from occurring. Use this solution to:

  • Conserve data management resources by determining whether or not scheduled reorganization jobs need to be run.
  • Improve data availability by automatically assessing if and when databases need maintenance performed and generating the optimized JCL.
  • Automatically detect exceptions and take actions that are based on your Recovery and RECON threshold parameters.

비디오: MAXM Database Advisor for IMS™ Overview

Help your DBA staff be more productive with automated database maintenance. (2:16)

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A complete solution to the problems facing IMS environments in today’s digital businesses

Use MAXM Database Advisor for IMS with any full-function, HALDB, Fast Path, or BMC partitioned databases.

Trusted information gathering

Collect and prepare information about your IMS databases and environment

Proactive problem notification

Predict database problems and receive alerts that tell you which databases are reaching exception status

A new advisor for your team

Get advice and recommendations on the best course of action to prevent or correct issues with a database

Easy-to-use interface

Use interactive charts and tables that display the current state and historical data about jobs, databases, database partitions, data sets, and segments

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Take control over your growing IMS data

  • Maintain continuous availability
  • Address new performance requirements
  • Monitor expensive CPU cycles that can strain maintenance schedules

“BMC Advisor for IMS has enabled this financial services company to keep its IMS databases humming even as their requirements change constantly.”

— IDC Analysts
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