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Nlyte Enterprise Edition for BMC Software

Nlyte Enterprise Edition for BMC Software

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Nlyte Enterprise Edition for BMC Software automates the management of processes, policies, and dependencies that surround data center infrastructure, resulting in:

  • Reduced cost for resources (power, servers, service contracts).
  • Increased efficiency of personnel that manage data centers.
  • Increased agility in responding to business demands.

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Capacity planning

Optimizes the use of data center assets, space, and energy

Workflow management

Execute changes more efficiently down to the data center floor

Reports and dashboards

Automate the measurement of your data center operations

Asset management

Know what you have and where, and optimize your asset tech refresh cycles

Connection management

Avoid downtime due to human error with power and network visualization

Virtualization management

Link your virtualization layer to your physical and logical layers with hypervisor connectors for VMware, Microsoft, and Citrix

CMDB integration

Synchronize configuration item information from BMC Atrium CMDB

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Nlyte Enterprise Edition for BMC Software assists in data center management for these BMC products:

TrueSight Capacity Optimization

TrueSight Capacity Optimization aligns IT resources to business demand. It provides capacity planning and cost visibility, supports effective decision-making on IT investments, and enables IT agility.

Remedy Asset Management

Automate the management of software, hardware, virtual and physical assets, from purchase through to retirement.

Remedy Change Management

Plan, manage, and track change across the enterprise.


BMC Atrium CMDB enriches your ITSM and ITOM processes with a business aware, single source of reference for your enterprise assets and services.