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Object Administration for DB2®

Object Administration for DB2

Simplify database administration

Making changes to objects in your database—or even just performing routine administrative tasks—can be difficult, risky work. There are dozens of tasks to keep track of, and a single misstep could have a disastrous impact on availability and data integrity. You can cut back on both effort and risk with BMC Object Administration for DB2, a collection of tools to help you:

  • Reduce the time required to administer complex and disparate DB2 environments.
  • Automate routine tasks throughout the application lifecycle for improved integrity.
  • Improve productivity with simplified DB2 catalog navigation and change management.
  • Enhance application availability by performing changes and maintenance with minimal outages.

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Automate and facilitate common tasks

Object Administration for DB2 lets you automate routine database administration tasks, manage multiple DB2 environments, and synchronize changes across any of your DB2 environments. The solution facilitates every aspect of interacting with DB2 objects, from simplifying catalog navigation and change management to streamlining the process of loading, unloading, and copying DB2 data.

Navigate with ease

Use a powerful catalog management tool to navigate and interact with your DB2 catalog information.

Mitigate the dangers of change

Take advantage of version control and pre-production testing, so you can make changes carefully and confidently and ensure that everything is put back together correctly.

Sync changes across systems

Take changes you’ve made to one database schema and easily apply them to corresponding structures across your environment.

Speed up your data tasks

Use the load, unload, and copy utilities to move and duplicate your data faster and with fewer resource demands.

Create copies instantly, with no outages

Capture a complete snapshot of your data quickly, without having to suspend read/write access to your database.

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Boost productivity and availability

  • Make routine administrative tasks easier, faster, and more reliable.
  • Improve productivity for database users at all levels by giving them powerful, easy-to-use utilities.
  • Keep your databases up and available even during updates and changes.

“It was a major migration, but we were able to complete it over a weekend. I don’t think we could have accomplished it in such a short period of time without BMC Change Manager.”

— Dan Fattore, Supervisor, Database Administration, UGI Utilities
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Products included in this solution

The Object Administration for DB2 solution is made up of the following products, all of which are designed to make interacting with and maintaining your DB2 environments easier and more reliable.

  • Catalog Manager for DB2®

    Rather than having to view and update your DB2 catalog manually, the BMC Catalog Manager for DB2 provides a user-friendly interface for navigating and interacting with your catalog information. The integrated table editor means that, with the appropriate authority, you can make changes directly to your underlying data. Beyond that, the catalog manager supports executing a broad variety of DDL, DCL, DML, and DB2 commands within the catalog.

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  • Change Manager for DB2®

    Replacing the cumbersome, unreliable process of managing database changes manually, BMC Change Manager for DB2 automates the steps required for implementing structural changes, migrating data, and tracking modifications across multiple DB2 systems, including complex applications such as CRMs and ERPs. Validate your changes in a test environment before putting them into production. Use version control to roll changes back or forward, as needed. Overall, Change Manager for DB2 allows you to execute changes faster, with a higher success rate.

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  • NGT Load for DB2®

    Load data faster than the native DB2 utility, while maintaining higher availability, with Next Generation Technology Load for DB2. By analyzing the available CPU and memory, NGT Load uses massive parallelism to perform a truly high performance load of any size object. Additionally, with NGT Load's safe Load Resume architecture you can back out an unsuccessful Load instantly without recovery; or using parallel insert processing NGT Load can keep read/write access to your table space during load processing. NGT Load can also update catalog information as you go, so you can skip RUNSTATS.

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  • NGT Unload

    Next Generation Technology Unload for DB2 offers a high-speed, online alternative to the native DB2 unload utility. NGT Unload produces consistent point in time unloads without ever taking the objects out of RW. With its extensive native SQL support, NGT Unload performs high speed unloads directly from the VSAM datasets without the overhead of passing that SQL to DB2. Make multiple unloads, even with different formats, with one pass of a table space.

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  • NGT Copy for DB2® (formerly Copy Plus)

    Simplify and speed your backup jobs with NGT Copy for DB2, a replacement for the native DB2 copy utility. With options for compression and encryption, as well as the ability to write copies simultaneously to tape and DASD, NGT Copy for DB2 makes the backup process faster and more dependable. NGT Copy for DB2 will copy related data sets automatically and can quiesce groups of related table spaces to support application recovery, if needed. The utility also automatically updates DB2 catalog information, without the need to execute RUNSTATS separately.

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