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Avnet Event Integration for TrueSight Operations Management

Avnet Event Integration for TrueSight

Total event and impact visibility

With Avnet Event Integration for TrueSight Operations Management you can easily identify and reconcile business service, application availability, and performance problems from a single console.

  • Enable better decision making and reduce MTTR through improved operational transparency
  • Maximize existing investments in BMC, Microsoft, and HP system management tools
  • Efficiently synchronize large volumes of events
  • Enable consolidated event and impact management with proactive root cause analytics across multiple platforms and vendors

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Bi-directional event synchronization

API-based, multi-threaded technology synchronizes TrueSight Operations Management and third party events

Translate alerts into actionable events

Highly reliable delivery and translation of third part alerts into actionable BMC events

Event filtering and translation mapping

Customizable event filtering and translation mapping

Consolidate with confidence

Consolidated hardware monitoring for heterogeneous server platforms and operating systems

Secure event integration

Highly secure event integration through encrypted communication that works with firewalls

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