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Workbench for DB2®

Workbench for DB2

Make DB2 application development easier

Although many application developers require DB2 catalog information for their projects, they are often dependent on their database administrators to access that information. BMC Workbench for DB2—which is available as part of several mainframe solutions at no additional charge—takes the burden off of your DBAs and empowers your developers.

  • Provides easy-to-navigate access to DB2 catalog information
  • Facilitates pre-production SQL tuning to improve application performance
  • Allows you to organize relevant database information into custom workspaces
  • Tablet interface enables modern, mobile access to mainframe apps and DBA tasks

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Interact with DB2 information with a user-friendly interface

By presenting DB2 database information in an intuitive graphical user interface, Workbench for DB2 makes database information easier to understand and faster to manipulate. Use Workbench for DB2 to explore the database catalog, test your SQL against performance thresholds, and build custom workspaces according to the needs of your projects.

Take advantage of a familiar, web-based interface

Unlike the traditional TSO/ISPF environments, the web-based dashboard-style front end will put your developers at ease and allow them to explore and interact with the database on their own.

Enforce data security and access

Uphold existing security and permissions, limiting users to only the data and actions for which they have been cleared.

Organize information into workspaces

Define, save, and share workspaces—collections of database objects and information that can be used throughout the development process.

Compare multiple versions of an SQL query

Use advanced EXPLAIN capabilities to test your SQL so you can tune your application for optimal performance.

Root out potential performance issues

Check your code against established best practices and performance thresholds to make sure your application will measure up.

Copy and paste DDL

Extract DDL (or HDDL) strings from one DB2 subsystem so that you can re-execute them in another.

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Workbench for DB2 is available as part of the following solutions

Object Administration for DB2®

Dramatically reduce the effort required by—and risks associated with—maintaining and updating DB2 database objects with the BMC Object Administration for DB2 solution.

Performance for DB2® SQL

Reduce costs while improving the availability and performance of your DB2 applications by streamlining your SQL, avoiding expensive hardware upgrades, and minimizing disruptive reorganizations.