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Reporting Software Piracy, License Non-Compliance and Other Abuses

BMC Software is committed to providing innovative technology solutions to better serve our customers' business needs. In furthering this commitment, it is critical that BMC's intellectual property assets be protected, and that its copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, patents and license agreements be enforced. BMC respects the intellectual property of others and asks our partners, end-users, and third-parties to do the same with BMC products and the intellectual property embodied in them.

BMC will take all necessary steps to protect our intellectual property rights and aggressively pursue those who violate our copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, patents and license agreements. In that regard, BMC considers the following activities, among others, to be unacceptable violations of our intellectual property rights:

  • Piracy: Software piracy includes unauthorized use, replication or distribution of BMC technology, among other things.
  • License Non-Compliance: Non-compliance with software license agreements may include using more capacity than licensed for the BMC technology, among other things.
  • Theft: The theft or unauthorized distribution or use of intellectual property may also constitute a crime, which may carry severe criminal and civil penalties.

Users of pirated or unauthorized software also risk system degradation or failure caused by software corruption, bugs, and lack of technical support.

In order to preserve the integrity of our products, it is important that suspected incidents of software piracy, license non-compliance, and other abuses or violations of BMC's intellectual property be brought to BMC's attention.

Reporting can be done by contacting:

BMC Software
Compliance & Ethics Office
2103 CityWest Blvd.
Houston, TX 77042


BMC Ethics HelpLine