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Visiting Nurse Service of New York transforms its IBM® Db2® environment for fast, reliable access to unstructured patient data

Up to 25%

faster image access time

20% faster



mainframe costs

Business Challenge

Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY) provides healthcare services at home to more than 150,000 recovering, disabled, and chronically ill patients. Field personnel obtain assignments, manage cases, and update patient records using tablets and laptop computers networked to the patient care record system (PCRS), which runs on IBM® Db2® for z/OS®. Ensuring that clinicians, social workers, occupational therapists, and others can access data quickly and reliably is vital to delivering quality patient care. VNSNY is transforming its Db2 environment to accommodate a growing volume of data, including unstructured data (e.g., wound photos, patient signatures, and other images), which is far more difficult to manage than structured data.

BMC Solution

BMC High Speed Utilities for Db2® with Next Generation Technology automates data table optimization, improving application performance and lowering costs. In addition, BMC LOBMaster for Db2® automates the management of unstructured data and ensures the integrity of Db2 large objects (LOBs).

Business Impact

With the BMC solutions, VNSNY is positioning IT to meet the multi-faceted needs of a digital healthcare organization.

  • Automated reorgs of Db2 data are expected to deliver a 15%–25% improvement in data access and upload times, increasing the productivity of more than 15,000 healthcare professionals.
  • Automated LOB validation will ensure data integrity and eliminate business risk associated with lost or compromised unstructured data.
  • Db2 maintenance tasks will run up to 20% faster than before, providing better data availability and improved application performance.
  • Optimal performance of Db2 tables will reduce MIPS consumption and shrink storage requirements for lower mainframe costs.

“With each new version, the BMC solutions get better at improving performance and reducing MIPS usage and storage requirements, which means we’re keeping costs in check.”

— Mario Muscolo, Db2 Administrator, VNSNY

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