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Shift-left workflow orchestration by adopting a Jobs-as-Code approach with Control-M Automation API.

Deliver better apps, faster

  • Enable shift-left best practices for job and workflow orchestration to accelerate delivery and improve application quality
  • Have developers work in a familiar dev environment using JSON, REST APIs and a node.js CLI for creating workflows as artifacts
  • Reduce rework by embedding operational instrumentation as a code artifact throughout the SDLC
  • Take a Jobs-as-Code approach to accelerate application build, test, and validation.
  • Provide developers access to business application automation leveraging Control-M Workbench, a no-fee sandbox environment

See how you can embed Jobs-as-Code with Control-M

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Bridge the gap between development and operations

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Transform your business for agile application delivery and processes

Integrate Jobs-as-Code into your existing CI/CD toolchain


Using a Jobs-as-Code approach with REST APIs and JSON, within the CI/CD toolchain, workflows become versionable, testable, and maintainable, so developers and DevOps engineers can work collaboratively.

Control-M Workbench helps developers:

  • Unit-test workflows in a sandbox environment before committing to a code repository
  • Integrate with preferred CI/CD tools and methods, including JSON, Git, Jenkins, and others
  • Reduce rework, speed application delivery and increase quality
  • Foster skill sharing and collaboration between Dev and Ops

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Drive operational standards for fast, accurate application delivery

Enterprise Architect

Ensure faster application delivery, while minimizing errors with a workflow orchestration product that supports secure development standards.

Control-M Automation API can help you:

  • Access workflow orchestration in a self-service fashion
  • Reduce rework before operationalizing applications
  • Eliminate multiple scheduling solutions and use one powerful workflow orchestration product that’s compatible with your existing CI/CD tools

Reduce the time and cost of agile application delivery

Business Executive/IT Leader

To stay competitive today, you need to build better business applications faster than your competitors. To do that, you need products that help you stay on top of project costs, prevent scope creep, and continue to deliver robust applications fast.

Control-M Automation API can help your teams:

  • Speed time-to-market for innovative applications by embedding workflow orchestration into development cycles
  • Standardize processes to decrease costly rework at the operational stage
“A Jobs-as-Code approach is paramount for anyone doing agile development and DevOps. We have been using Control-M for years in operations, and now the product gives our developers full ownership and control of their jobs in a coding environment that is familiar to them, so they can define the business processes they want to automate in production.” — Robert Stinnett, Automation Analyst, IT Operations at Carfax

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